Guarantee for Purchasing a Puppy

English Bulldog Guarantee by Wind Walker’s Bullies as follows:
The English Bulldog is a purebred English bulldog.  The litter is registered with the American Kennel Club as indicated above and an individual registration form will be furnished to the buyer after the Breeder has received payment in full.  To the best of the Breeders knowledge, at the time of sale, the English Bulldog was in excellent health.  Breeder will supply Buyer with a copy of the puppy's medical record detailing medical treatment received under the Breeders care as well as recommended medical care that the Breeder feels is essential to puppy's well-being and continued good health.  Breeder will be available for the life of the English Bulldog to answer any questions and provide help in any way.
We guarantee the health of all puppies for 1 (one) year after date of birth.  If puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening or life altering congenital disorder we will put the money paid for purchase price of current puppy (minus shipping costs) towards another puppy of your choice. Please keep in mind not all puppies are the same price.  For owner to receive credit towards another puppy, the sick puppy must be returned to us immediately at owner’s expense accompanied by AKC papers and two written vet statements describing the health condition. Owner must have two unaffiliated vet's agreement in writing.
Disorders covered under this contract include severe hip dysplasia (no replacement if the dog is diagnosed with hip dysplasia and the dog is overweight or over exercised), kidney, heart, liver, pancreas, spine, or liver problems that severely limit or alter the life of the puppy or dog.  This guarantee does NOT cover common conditions such as cherry eye, loose hips, brachycephalic syndrome, elongated soft palate, tracheal hypoplasia, tail pockets, skin allergies, kennel cough, coccidia, giardia, thyroid, heart murmur grades I or II, or undescended testicles.
We do advise all new families to research the Bulldog breed on how to care for the bulldog and common issues associated with the breed.  This being things such as skin allergies, tail pocket, or skin fold issues which can usually be kept under control with regular cleaning of the skin folds on the face and tail pockets areas.  Bulldogs are simply amazing...however they do require daily care.
If puppy dies a replacement will be offered provided the owner sends us an autopsy report from a licensed vet stating a congenital defect caused the death.
At no time do we refund money, pay vet bills, or transportation.  We are also very understanding and each case is different.  Please keep the lines of communication open with us and we will evaluate each individual situation.
In order for this guarantee to remain valid, owner MUST take the English Bulldog to a licensed vet within 72 hours after taking possession for a post purchase general health examination and mail a copy of the vet statement back to seller.  THIS IS MANDATORY - WITHOUT THIS EXAM AND RETURNED STATEMENT, THE HEALTH GURANTEE SHALL BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID.  If, during this exam the English Bulldog is found to have a serious health problem, the Buyer must return the English Bulldog along with the Vets written diagnosis as to the health issue so that my vet can review and provide a 2nd opinion.  As long as the Breeder's Vet concurs with Buyer Vet diagnosis, the Buyer will receive a credit of paid purchase price of the puppy to go towards a different puppy.  Return of English Bulldog must be within 72 hours of Buyer's Vet diagnosis.  The Breeder will not provide a refund or exchange for any English Bulldog which was injured or became sick after leaving the Breeder's premises.  Buyers are advised to limit the exposure of their new puppy to non-household dogs and outside high traffic dog areas until the puppy is at least 12 weeks old and has received its final puppy vaccination.
Breeder represents that the English Bulldog has been bred to the breed standard physically and the English Bulldog is being sold with a sound, stable temperament.  This temperament assertion is based on daily observation of the puppy from birth and Breeder's knowledge of English bulldogs ancestry.
Buyer by signing the contract acknowledges that behavior and temperament is based on a combination of genetics and experience the English Bulldog gains not only with the Breeder, but with its new family and in its new environment.  Improper socialization and lack of consistent obedience training will adversely affect the good genetic temperament the English Bulldog was born with.
We ask that if for any reason the Buyer is unable to keep or care for the bulldog, that you give us the first opportunity to have the bulldog back.  We love for our bulldog families to please keep in touch even if just through Facebook.  We love seeing pictures of the puppies with their families! Please feel free to ask us any questions you have concerning you bulldog.  We are not just breeders...we truly care about each one of these little bulldog babies and want you to feel very comfortable with coming to us with any and all concerns you may have.
In the case of any disputes to the legally binding contact, all cases shall be filed in the Breeders state and county jurisdiction of Aurora,MO (Lawrence County).